Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is the true cost of the Afghanistan war?

Britain is spending tens of billions waging the unjustified war in Afghanistan, with horrific costs in the deaths of thousands of Afghan civilians, and of soldiers sent to kill and be killed. This video, narrated by Tony Benn with music by Brian Eno, dramatically conveys the cost of wars which are opposed by most people in Britain. It ends with a call to join the Antiwar Mass Assembly in Trafalgar Square on 8 October: http://www.antiwarassembly.org

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Right to Vote

Voices from Egyptians all over the world demanding their right to vote in Egypt's Parliamentary and presidential elections.

The video was made by the Egyptians Abroad Right to Vote group in Jul 2011. Producer Mirit Mikhail.

Video by the right2vote group on Egyptians abroad being deprived from their constitutional right despite the fact that more than 120 countries , including Sudan, Algeria and India allow their expats to vote from abroad, while over 10 million Egyptians still cannot vote. Follow us on twitter #right2vote

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nando's "cocks" up

The most thing you would expect when you drop a business card into that little bowl at the counter in any restaurant is winning a nice meal or combo, but visitor's of Nando's Spinningfields in Manchester got more than what they bargained for!

I was surprised when I received a nice hello message from Nando's on my work email, and every single email was visible for everyone! The replies started pouring in: some being funny, some concerned, and some using this "leak" to promote their own company services!

The uproar increased and people demanded a free meal from the management for this error, as data protection in the UK is a big issue. I added my cheesy reply and agreed that we all want free food (who would say no to free food?). The funniest line was one from one guy who called the famous restaurant "SPAM-do's"

I have to admit the management cleaned up and sent everyone a voucher for a combo meal and a drink (worth around £12). I just received mine in the post yesterday.

Thank God for data protection and decent customer service !

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Middle East peace -- the real story

In 48 hours, the UN Security Council will meet again to discuss Palestine's bid to become the 194th country. Already 700,000 of us have joined the campaign. But we need more of us to shift key countries to vote in favour.

Click to sign now

Monday, August 01, 2011

Urgent: Army Forces break up Tahrir sit in by force

After some protesters started obstructing the streets around the square, the army forces took that as an excuse to send in its forces to break up by force. They also arrested many of the protesters there. These two videos were streamed live by Tarek Shalaby :

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Protesters Vs Thugs part III : Rise of the Fallen

More than 231 people have been injured in clashes between groups of armed men and pro-reform protesters marching towards Egypt's ministry of defense in the capital, Cairo, the country's health ministry said.
Thousands calling for the "downfall" of the country's ruling military council were trying to reach the military headquarters on Saturday when they were attacked by opponents armed with knives and sticks.
Witnesses said most of the injuries occurred when civilians, believed to be thugs, standing in front of military blockades hurled barrages of stones and at least six firebombs at demonstrators. The demonstrators fought back with stones torn up from the pavement.

UPDATE: Article by Al-Dostoor website states that the thugs were hired by 2 members of the Pro-Mubarak National Party

Now enough blabber and let the videos talk. These were all taken from the heart of the incident and in order of sequence. Thanks to 3arabawy, Malek, Tarek Shalaby, and Wael Abbas :